Tips to Improve your Landing Page

 Dolly  /    10.23.2012  /    Category: Advertisers Affiliates
Tips to Improve your Landing Page

Landing Pages are typically focused on driving traffic. But how much traffic will you continue to drive if your landing page doesn’t attract more customers?

There’s a difference between being able to create a landing page, and creating a GOOD landing page. But just what makes a landing page a good one? Here are a few tips to help improve your landing page to not only drive more traffic, but get more conversions as well:

  • Have a Single Objective. Make Sure that your landing page is simple, easy to read, and is straight to the point while focusing on one single objective: make your customers happy enough to keep coming back.

    Asking your visitors to do multiple things and go through endless hassles to complete an offer is a sure fire way to frustrate them and keep them from coming back to your page. Get rid of any elements that aren’t related to your objective and may distract your visitors from what you need them to do. 

  • Have an Eye Catching Headline. Make sure that your landing page has a headline that is sure to keep the visitor on your page and keep them from clicking the Exit Button right away. Your headline should be big, bold, and the contrast should be eye catching.

    Once the visitor sees your catchy headline and gets intrigued, they are more than likely to continue scanning the rest of your landing page which should intrigue them even more. 

  • Using Flawless Grammar and Spelling. For your landing page, use a spell checker, get a dictionary, or even us an editor (which can be someone sitting right next to you!)

    When a visitor sees grammar errors and spelling mistakes on your landing page, it decreases your credibility and lowers their confidence in trusting this site. They want to look at a page and see professional, well laid out text which grabs them instantly. Don’t be afraid to proofread twice, three times, four times, and so on!

  • Make it Easy! Over all things, consumers want things that are easy to complete and easy to read. Don’t overcomplicate your landing page by using too many words, images, or complicated tasks. This goes hand in hand with keeping a Single Objective, as you want to make sure your users know exactly what to do - and that it’s easy!