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Has Your Affiliate Network Failed You?

 RainMaker  /    06.20.2013  /    Category: Affiliates Tutorials

Nowadays, it seems there are a bunch Affiliate Networks left and right that are shuttering their doors, with the latest casualty being AffiliateWise. Whether it's because of financial hardships, bad management or FTC lawsuits, quiet a few companies are going under, and it is important to know which Affiliate Network you can trust and work with. Not all networks are created equally. Knowing which Affiliate Networks are good and which are bad will save you lots of headaches and money in the done the road.

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How To Make Money From Your Blog

 RainMaker  /    06.14.2013  /    Category: Affiliates Tutorials

In some respects, making money from your blog has become somewhat of a strategy driven endeavor, rather than just sheer luck. Sure any average Joe can tinker around and create a blog. But how do you effectively monetize your blog to make it worth your while? After all, for most webmasters, creating a viable online business, including a blog, requires one very important guess it, Traffic (with a capital T).

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Choosing the right traffic source

 RainMaker  /    05.29.2013  /    Category: Affiliates Tutorials

​With so much available traffic sources out there, it can be a daunting task knowing which traffic source works best for which offer. And in fact, a lot of traffic out their will simply bankrupt you if you do not know what your buying into, and more importantly, which offer you should promote on this traffic.

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Like Us on Facebook - and stay in the loop!

 Dolly  /    12.07.2012  /    Category: Affiliates News

With the Holidays just around the corner, be sure to stay updated with our latest Holiday Offers, Affiliate Holiday Bonuses, Top New Offers, and more! Like us on Facebook, as we are always keeping our Affiliates updated with the latest news within our company.

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Holiday Bonuses are HERE!

 Dolly  /    11.23.2012  /    Category: Affiliates News

The holidays are just around the corner, and as a special "Thank You" to all of our Affiliates, we are giving out Holiday Cash Bonuses for those who can generate some serious revenue! Find out more in this article.

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Tips to Improve your Landing Page

 Dolly  /    10.23.2012  /    Category: Advertisers Affiliates

Landing Pages are typically focused on driving traffic. But how much traffic will you continue to drive if your landing page doesn’t attract more customers? There’s a difference between being able to create a landing page, and creating a GOOD landing page. But just what makes a landing page a good one?

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Regulatory Compliance - You can’t afford not to care

 Majd  /    10.15.2012  /    Category: Advertisers

Should you care if the affiliates in your network are compliant with marketing regulations? The answer is yes! In the past few years, a number of affiliate marketers and affiliate networks have been accused of using deceptive online marketing practices. As a result, officials at both federal and state levels are forcefully trying to enforce compliance regulations. There are a few ways to ensure that you are being compliant and not dealing with any networks that may cause you some trouble.

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Make Money with Incent

 Dolly  /    10.15.2012  /    Category: Affiliates

As an affiliate, you may always be looking for new and improved ways to make money online. Although there are various ways to successfully promote your offers, a good way to start is by looking into Incentivizing your offers to attempt and attract more people/visitors to your site. Incent traffic is when you promise something to a consumer in return for them filling out a lead or sale. Examples of things that are offered to consumers include but are not limited to: Points to cash in for prizes, Points to use for a game (most commonly used for FB applications, money, gift cards. etc...), Special downloads, and so on.

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