Using Email to Drive Traffic to your Site

 Dolly  /    06.07.2013  /    Category: Advertisers Affiliates
Using Email to Drive Traffic to your Site

‚ÄčAs an affiliate, I’m sure you are always looking for new ways to lead people to your website and keep them hooked. You want your viewers to WANT to visit your website, and of course, to begin clicking their way around. 

Email Newsletters/Updates are a great way to get started making your site popular and gaining more visitors on a daily basis. There are many factors that go into creating a successful and friendly email which will encourage your users to visit your website. Here are a few tips: 

  • Learn from your trashed emails. Remember those emails that you thought would be worthwhile, but instead you ended up clicking delete as soon as you opened them up? Well, make sure your emails don’t look like that! A lot of times the emails that we trash have too much going on, and they lose our interest quickly. They may have too many words, vague information, tacky looking pictures, etc. You want to make sure your emails look crisp, clean, precise, straight to the point, and have big bold headers to let the audience know WHY they are reading this email. 
  • Catchy Subject Line.  The subject line is the first thing the user sees before clicking on your email. Try to have fun with it by making your subject line funny, intriguing, and something that may put a smile on the user’s face. Don’t underestimate what you can do with a subject line. Remember that if no one opens your email, then none of the rest of this even matters! 

  • Curiosity killed the cat.  Okay, in this case you don’t want to kill your audience, but you do want to tease them and make them curious enough to read the rest of your email. To do this, make sure you have a big bold and catchy header. Ever read those headlines on Huffington Post that say something like “You’ll never believe what happened to this baby!” Well I’m sure you’ve clicked on them at least once (I know I have!) You just HAVE to know what happened to this baby, you can’t live not knowing! Well this is how you should get your audience. Also, a few article lines with a “read more” button linking to your website can work wonders in driving more traffic to your site. Be creative and always think of ways to capture your audience by just the first few words of your email. 

  • Got a Video? Make an image link to your site.  If you have a video you want people to see, there is an excellent way to get people to view it while visiting your website. Just make an image link that looks like the video, with a play button in the middle. People will click on the image thinking they can view the video in their email client, when in fact it will take them directly to your website and they can view the video from there. It’s a Win-Win!

Email can be a great tool to drive traffic, and if utilized correctly, can make you a TON of money in affiliate marketing.