Best Ways to Avoid Lead Fraud

 Majd  /    10.09.2012  /    Category: Advertisers
Best Ways to Avoid Lead Fraud

It’s happened before and unfortunately it continues to happen when you’re in the business of Online Marketing. One of the key problems new and existing Advertisers face these days is Lead Fraud. That is why as an Advertiser, you should do the best you can to avoid Lead Fraud in the first place. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid Lead Fraud and having to deal with fraudulent signups:

  1. Know which network/publisher you are working with.  Make sure they have a good reputation, and a history of success for other like minded Advertisers. At least with a trusted Network, you know that traffic quality will be at it’s best. 
  2. Constantly check lead quality by looking at the info being submitted.  Are there a lot of blank phone numbers, bogus emails that bounce, etc…  Those are usually red flags and can indicate fraudulent leads being submitted. 
  3. Lookup the IP addresses of users that are signing up.  Do you see any duplicate or similarities in the IP addresses that might indicate BOT traffic? Sometimes the IP addresses may be off by just a number or two. This should cause you to question the traffic. 
  4. Look at the traffic referrals.  Are they coming from shady or proxy sources?  If so, that should immediately raise a red flag.
  5. Are the EPC’s higher than historical norms?  Higher EPC’s indicate incentive traffic.  If you have 100 clicks and 60 leads, either traffic is Fraud or incentive based.
  6. Look at the user agents of the users signing up.  Are the IP addresses different, but the user agents are all the same?  If so, traffic is probably BOT generated. Duplicate user agents mean leads are coming from the same computer, even though the IP addresses are different.