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Advertisers Blog Posts

Tips to Improve your Landing Page

 Dolly  /    10.23.2012  /    Category: Advertisers Affiliates

Landing Pages are typically focused on driving traffic. But how much traffic will you continue to drive if your landing page doesn’t attract more customers? There’s a difference between being able to create a landing page, and creating a GOOD landing page. But just what makes a landing page a good one?

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Regulatory Compliance - You can’t afford not to care

 Majd  /    10.15.2012  /    Category: Advertisers

Should you care if the affiliates in your network are compliant with marketing regulations? The answer is yes! In the past few years, a number of affiliate marketers and affiliate networks have been accused of using deceptive online marketing practices. As a result, officials at both federal and state levels are forcefully trying to enforce compliance regulations. There are a few ways to ensure that you are being compliant and not dealing with any networks that may cause you some trouble.

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Best Ways to Avoid Lead Fraud

 Majd  /    10.09.2012  /    Category: Advertisers

It's happened before and unfortunately it continues to happen when you're in the business of Online Marketing. One of the key problems new and existing Advertisers face these days is Lead Fraud. That is why as an Advertiser, you should do the best you can to avoid Lead Fraud in the first place. In this blog, read about a few helpful tips to avoid Lead Fraud and having to deal with fraudulent signups.

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